Lake Toya

Things to seeMt. Usu
Toyako Onsen
Toyako Visitor Center
Tōya Lake Forest Museum
NotesWalking trails, Onsens, National park, Camping grounds
Getting ThereTake JR train from Sapporo station bound for Hakodate. Get off at Toya station (70 min) ¥4500
Take bus from Toya station to Toyako Onsen bus terminal (15 min) ¥330

Lake Tōya is a volcanic caldera lake in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. With a maximum depth of 180 metres, this lake is 10 kilometers in diameter from east to west and 9 kilometers, north to south. The lake’s biggest town, Tōyako is located on its western shore. The town Sōbetsu is located on the other side of the lake. The stratovolcano, Mt Usu, lies on the southern edge of the lake. This lake is beautiful all year round, and is one of the northern most lakes that never ices over.

A beautiful winter dawn

So, what can you do at the lake? This Lake is a beautiful lake to drive around and get some photos. There are numerous parks surrounding the lake in which to stroll, and enjoy. Likewise, there are numerous walking trails surrounding the park, such as the Waterfront Forest Lane (Takarada Nature Observation Trail) and the Nishiyama Sanroku Crater Trail. In the warmer months, there are five campgrounds around the lake. Lake Toya is the second most transparent lake in Japan! Perfect for swimming, canoeing, and boating on a nice summers day.

After a days activities, you can sit in the soothing hot water of the numerous onsens in which to relax with gorgeous views of the lake. And finally, in the middle of the lake, there is Nakajima Island. Nakajima island is home to wild deer and it also houses houses the Tōya Lake Forest Museum.