Gagyusanmyoshin Temple

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NotesBuddhist temple
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Getting There
Located in the southern part of Hakodate city near the base of Mt. Hakodate. For public transport, it is a 12 minute walk uphill from Yachigashira tram station (seven stops from Hakodate tram station). If driving there is a small parking spot.
〒040-0046 Hokkaido, Hakodate, Yachigashiracho, 1-2 Myoshinji

Gagyusanmyoshin Temple is a Buddhist temple tucked up in the hills of Mt. Hakodate. It is a large temple and being up on the slopes of Mt. Hakodate, has views overlooking the residential area of Hakodate. It is also on the way to the Hekketsu-hi Monument, which is a short walk away. The temple was founded by Wakamatsu Niizumi, who was born in 1915. As a child he had difficulty with his eyesight and his mother often prayed that he would be able to see. At the age of seven, he could finally open his eyes. From this experience, he devoted his life to the Buddhist faith.







He was a priest in Hakodate City, and in the spring of 1946, the temple was founded. For those practicing the Buddhist faith, there is a special red stamp that can be received on arrival. Throughout the temple and on the grounds, there are various statues and memorials. Each has their own special significance. There is a bell tower, with the large bell being rung at 6:30 and at 18:00 everyday. Throughout the year there are various events held. The most interesting being the ‘Yuan Dynasty Visit’  which is the New Year’s first prayer meeting. This festival sees brave souls pouring water over themselves in the cold winter weather. For other festivals, read below.

JanuaryYuan Dynasty Visit
New Year's first prayer meeting
February Cold training
Star Festival Setsubun Religious Party
April Spring festival
Summer Vacation training dojo
Mizuko Kyokai
OctoberAutumn festival
NovemberDaikokutenjin festival
DecemberBoil up, Joya no Kane