Sumiyoshi Shrine

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NotesShinto shrine, no parking, cherry blossom area
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Getting There
Located in the southern part of Hakodate city near the base of Mt. Hakodate. There is street parking around if you are driving. For public transport, the closest station is Yachigashira tram station (seven stops from Hakodate tram station). From here it is a 9 minute walk south.
1-7 Sumiyoshicho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0045

Sumiyoshi Shrine is a shinto shrine in Hakodate. It is located on the cape near the base of Mt. Hakodate. It is not a far walk from the ocean, on the eastern side of the headland. The founding date of the shrine is unknown, however according to local stories passed down, the shrine was built during the Kamakura period, which was established in 1192 (bringing the start of the samurai). The shrine (known then as Miyoshi Shrine), was rebuilt 600 years later during the An’ei era. The shrine was then rebuilt again in its current location, after it was burnt down in a great fire in 1937. The shrine was renamed Sumiyoshi Shrine.

The shrine is best to visit during the cherry blossom season from mid April to early May. The road leading up to the shrine is flanked by dozens of beautiful cherry blossom trees. Unlike other cherry blossom areas, this road is not crowded. Once up the top of the hill, the grounds of Sumiyoshi Shrine are a nice place to wander around and enjoy the tranquility. This area also makes for a good place to get some photos. The shrine serves as a place of worship for 350 households and sees special events held throughout the year.