Ochinpo Shrine

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NotesUnique shrine, parking, part of Yachigashira Onsen
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Getting There
Located in the southern part of Hakodate city near the base of Mt. Hakodate. It is part Yachigashira Onsen. For public transport, the closest station is Yachigashira tram station (seven stops from Hakodate tram station). From here it is a 4 minute walk south towards Mt. Hakodate.
20-20 Yachigashiracho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0046
This may not be high on the must see things in Hakodate but it is certainly up there in terms of uniqueness. This appropriately named shrine can be found near the base of Mt. Hakodate. The Japanese word ‘Chinpo’ translates to ‘penis’ in English. Alternatively, the word Chinpō  also translates into ‘rare treasure’. Whichever translation tickles your fancy, Ochinpo Shrine certainly makes for an interesting sightseeing spot. It is a small shrine, although the same can’t be said for the contents that are hidden within.

The large phallic stone here is a Dōsojin (a spirit or god) and is said to have energy to bring good luck. This particular Dōsojin brings fortune for childbirth, easy delivery, and child protection. The shrine can be found on the grounds of Yachigashira Onsen to the left of the building. The stone itself was excavated while the grounds were being leveled in 1952, and was placed where it was found. With plenty of parking and a spot to relax at the hot springs here, take a quick stroll and check out the Ochinpo Shrine.