Daimoriinari Shrine

Opening Hours-
NotesBuddhist temple, no parking
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Getting There
Located at the central Hakodate. It is a 7 minute walk east from Matsukaze Cho tram station. Head east and the temple is on the corner of Isaribidori. It is by Omori Beach
22-6 Omoricho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0034

大森稲荷神社By the shores of Ōmori Beach there is a Shinto Shrine called Daimoriinari Shrine. The year of its founding is unknown due to the great fires in Hakodate. However, there is a map from the Kanbun Era dated back to the 1600’s with the name of the temple on it so the temple is estimated to be around 350 years old. The guardian stone lion dogs guarding the temple are incredibly old and are worth a look. After a large fire in 1890, it moved to its present location in 1943. The entrance used to face the ocean, but now it faces towards the city. 

大森稲荷神社Inside the grounds there are various monuments and shrines honoring certain individuals. Prayers can be performed by the priest here can be booked in advance. The priest will bless everything from wife safety to business prosperity and anniversaries. Gifts and amulets can be bought inside. These bring good luck and protection. Throughout the year there are various events and festivals that are held at the temple. For more information on the dates read below. 

1st of every monthNew moon festival
10th of every monthMonthly festival
January 1stYear end festival
February 3rdSetsubun festival
1st day of the lunar
month of February
Hatsuuma festival
June 30thOharae ceremony
September 9th - 11thEvening palace festival
October 15thShichigosan
November 23rdNiiname festival
December 31stNightfall festival