Ōmori Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
NotesCemetery, sports park, playground, no parking, bathrooms
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Getting There
Located in Hakodate, by Omori beach. The closest tram station is Matsukaze-cho Station. It is a 7 minute walk east from this station. The park is also next to Kameda River.
33 Omoricho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0034

Ōmori Park is a large green space in Hakodate. It is used for sporting events (namely baseball), and as a play area for children. At the northern end of the park, you can find an impressive memorial hall and burial site. The park is popular for those looking to keep fit, as it has outdoor exercise equipment, plus it being a good spot to jog around. The spacious playground area also makes it a popular spot for families. The park is just across the road from Ōmori Beach as well, so there are a few things to see in the area. 

The memorial hall was constructed in 1937 with the five tier pagoda being built later. Takenosuke Miyamoto (a local businessman), was behind the construction of the pagoda using his own funds and property. The area has some historical significance and there is a large plaque (in Japanese), talking about the dark event that took place here many years ago. On the evening of March 21, 1954 a fire spread through the city and was fanned by strong winds from the ocean. The fire affected 102,000 with almost 3,000 reported missing. The Omori Bridge was terribly burned and many people were killed in and along the Kameda River. This river flows right by the memorial hall and pagoda.