Takinoue Gorge & Rainbow Bridge

Length Path along river is 2.7 km one way
NotesPhotography spot
Wheelchair access
Location5 minute walk from Keikoku Park.
10 minute walk from Takinoue park

Fishing spot

Takinoue Gorge (Kinsenkyo) is a hidden gem in the pleasant town of Takinoue and is formed from the Shokotsu River that flows from east to west. The gorge has a fantastic walking track that runs on both sides of the river offering great views down the gorge, and was voted as one of Hokkaido’s top hundred tourist spots for its breathtaking scenery. The path runs for 2.7km one way, starting from the rainbow bridge to the Keikoku Park Camping Ground. This river is a popular spot for fly fishing and was one of the first places in Japan to introduce the catch and release system. If you enjoy fishing this is a great spot to catch some rainbow trout. This river is beautiful in all seasons, especially in the autumn, as the leaves turn.

Rainbow Bridge & Dragon falls

Along the trail there are some nice spots for photos, such as the Rakuyo Falls. There is a small observation point that overlooks the falls, making it a good spot for photos.There are a number of small waterfalls and tributaries and bridges along the path. On the western end of the river, you will find the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge name doesn’t come from old Norse mythology, rather that there is a fountain on the downstream side of the bridge and when the fountain is operating, the suns rays form the rainbow. The two tiered bridge is at the junction of the Shokotsu River and the Sakuru River, where they meet and form the ‘Water Dragon Waterfall’. The rainbow bridge offers views over these rivers, as well as Takinoue Park. On the second level of the bridge there is a slide for the kids down to the first level.

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