Takinoue Shrine

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NotesShinto shrine
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Getting There
10 minute walk from Takinoue Park
5 minute walk from the center of town.

〒 999-5614 Takigami-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Sakuru wilderness 33 address

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Takinoue Shrine is a Shinto Shrine that was built in the heart of Takinoue. The location of a shrine is related to the sacred nature of a place where a holy ceremony took place in the past. In 1954 the center of the town was established by the village company, and the shrine was then constructed 1965. It is said that the spirits of the Gods of Japan exist as a sacred object which is enshrined inside the building. Shinto priests and shrine maidens work there all year round and prepare a variety of ceremonies.

Top of the hill

The shrine has been constructed on a large plot of land, and it offers great views over the town of Takinoue. Taking the steep steps to the top, you can see Takinoue Park , which is especially beautiful in the month of May. Views of the Rainbow Bridge can also be seen making this shrine a fantastic spot to get some photos, not only of the shrine itself, but of the sweeping views over Takinoue. Being in the center of Takinoue, it is easily accessed, and a quick walk to other sightseeing spots. The festival day of the shrine is September 10th.