Grave of Ishikawa Takuboku

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NotesCemetery, historical site, no parking
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Located in the southern part of Hakodate city on the headland near Mt. Hakodate. There is street parking around if you are driving. For public transport, the closest station is Yachigashira tram station (seven stops from Hakodate tram station). From here it is a 9 minute walk south.
16-1 Sumiyoshicho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0045

The cemetery of Hakodate Shiei Sumiyoshimachi Kyodo can be found on the headland in Hakodate. It is a very captivating place as it has views overlooking southern Hakodate and being on the edge of the bluff, it has great views overlooking the ocean. The ocean breeze and the peacefulness of this quiet place is home to a couple of sightseeing spots within the cemetery. These include the graves of Ishikawa Takuboku and his family, and monuments to Miyazaki Iku & Sunayama Kage Ji. These spots have plaques about the lives of these famous people. 

The graves here of note are to do with prominent literary figures of the Meiji era. Ishikawa Takuboku was a prominent poet. Although he only spent a short time Hakodate, he is buried here. During his short stay in Hakodate, he enjoyed the support from a literary group called ‘Bokushukusha’ and was quoted as saying “I’d like to die here.” After succumbing to tuberculosis his brother constructed this grave in 1926. Miyazaki Iku was a poet and member of the Bokushukusha and supporter of Ishikawa Takuboku. The other monument is for Sunayama Kage Ji (real name Nakano Tarao). He was actively engaged in the literary magazine “Gin No Tsubo” which translates to “The Silver Pot”. 

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