Odori Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
NotesSightseeing spot, paid parking underground, festivals throughout the year (see below), toilets at park
Location /
Getting There
Odori Park runs horizontally right through the middle of Sapporo. It is a 10 minute walk from Sapporo Station. It is also directly above Odori Subway station. The park can be easily accessed from 3 subway stations along the Tozai Line (subway orange line).
7 Chome Odorinishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0042

Odori Park is the most famous park in Sapporo, if not Hokkaido. It runs through the heart of Sapporo and is home to the some of the biggest festivals throughout the year. The park runs for twelve blocks and separates the city into north and south. At the eastern most end you can find the iconic TV Tower which has great views overlooking the park. The park was originally constructed  as a large street, which also served as a firebreak in 1871. In 1872, the street was named ‘Shiribeshi Dōri’  but this name was not popular so it was renamed ‘Odōri’ in June 1881. Odori meaning ‘large street’ in English. The park itself didn’t become a park until 1909. 

Annual Events at Odori Park

February (2nd week)Sapporo Snow Festival
May (middle of the month)Lilac Festival.
June (2nd week)Yosakoi Soran Festival
July (from mid July)Sapporo Beer Garden
Jazz Festival
August (to mid August)Sapporo Beer Garden
SeptemberSapporo Autumn Festival
November (end of month)Sapporo White Illumination

The park is hugely popular especially during the warmer months. There are benches that line the park, and the grass areas throughout the park are a great spot to sit and have lunch, or a drink, and relax. There are numerous fountains to admire and to dip your feet in the hotter months. Swings, slides, a stage for performances, and beautiful flower gardens can be found throughout the park. On the western most block are the rose gardens and the Sapporo City Museum. Big events are held at Odori Park. The biggest being the Summer Beer Garden and the Snow Festival are at this park.

Bon Festival

DatesMid August around the 13th - 15th
3 days
Starting timesAll day
Location /
Getting There
Various locations throughout every city.

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of ancestors. It has been celebrated in Japan for over 500 years and is known as a time for family. It is a time of family reunion, where the graves of ancestors are visited and cleaned. It also includes a celebration involving a Bon dance (Bon Odori). This festive dance was originally a folk dance to welcome the spirits of the dead. The dance takes place around a high wooden scaffold called a ‘yagura’. Musicians, playing a Japanese drum (taiko), and singers sit at the top of this yagura to perform for the line of dancers below.

These small festivals are held throughout each city in various places and districts. If you are in Sapporo, the main Bon Festival is held in Odori Park. Plus, there is another in front of the Park Hotel. At these Bon dances, there are stalls selling food and drink  and this goes all day. In the evening the lanterns come to life and the music starts. Anybody is welcome to join the line dance that circles the yagura. This is a great way to get involved with centuries of Japanese culture and make for a great spot to get some video or photos.


Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥500 drinks
¥1000 food
Opening Hours11:00 - 4:00 Weekdays
10:00 - 5:00 Saturdays
NotesClub, lounge area, dining area, dance floor, space available to rent
Location /
Getting There
5 minute walk from Susukino subway station or 6 minute walk from Nakajima Koen subway station
4 Chome Minami 7 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0807

If you are looking for a night out in Sapporo, put Booty on the list. With the music and drinks flowing, Booty Discotheque & Lounge is a great club that has been going since 2002. Over its colorful history, it’s been a local favorite by expats, Japanese and tourists alike! The club is run by a fantastic husband & wife team. One being a local expat, cognac connoisseur and international DJ. The other half of the duo who is busy around the bar, being from Sapporo. They have put together a top spot made up of two levels, plus a beer garden out the back which is perfect during the summer. The whole space is available to rent on weekdays at ¥25,000 per floor, per night. The ground floor has a bar area, DJ booth and dance floor (which gets busy by midnight) and small lounge area. The next floor up has a bar, DJ booth, and a large comfortable lounge area where you can sit back and relax with friends. 

It is also here on the second floor, they have a small dining area. Booty serves up some of the best hamburgers you will find anywhere in Hokkaido! We challenge you to find better! Among the dishes and desserts, the menu has five mouth watering burgers that are served with fries and olives. Each burger is made to perfection in front of you using local Hokkaido beef. And while you’re here, try some of the wine or sake on the menu. The great thing about this club (which you won’t find anywhere else) is that it’s free to get in! It’s easy to drop in, buy a drink from the super friendly staff, and enjoy well mixed tunes from the in house DJ’s! 

The Resort Beer Garden

札幌ビアガーデン ザ・リゾート
Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥2500 - ¥5000 per 2 hours
Opening Hours16:00 - 23:30 (Last order 23:00)
OpenJune 27 - August 31
Contact*011-272-0055 for reservation

*011-200-0056 after 14:00
NotesOutside beer garden, reservations needed, non smoking (special smoking area including e cigarettes), wheelchair access
Location /
Getting There
Central Sapporo. Located on the roof of Pivot department store. 5 minute walk from Odori subway station
〒060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 2 Jonishi, 4 Chome, PIVOT Rooftop terrace

The Resort Rooftop is beer garden that is open only during the summer. It is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy one of the many beer gardens spotted around the city during the warmer months. It is a great spot for groups especially as it is spacious, and in the open air it is a relaxing spot to enjoy a beer and some food. Unlike other beer gardens, reservations are needed. Without a reservation, you cannot enter the garden. And unlike other beer gardens, there is an ‘all you can drink’ only. For a set rate of two hours, you can drink as much as you want.

The beer garden up on the roof of the eleventh floor is divided into different sections. There is table seating under a tent which has heating. For an extra ¥500 there is a comfortable sofa area (which is recommended), and for an extra ¥1000 you can reserve the VIP area which has sofa seats, a heater, and is under cover.  There is also a drinking booth where there are three kinds of beers, cocktails and soft drinks. In terms of food, you can order a mixed BBQ, a a Ghengis Khan course, or a Samgyeopsal course with grilled meat. The food you cook yourself over an open BBQ at your table. Of course, if you just want to drink, then just order the flat all you can drink course!

Sapporo Odori Beer Garden

DatesMid July to Mid August (1 month)
Opening Hours12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)
Location /
Getting There
Odori park. Odori-nishi 5-chome to 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
1 minute from Odori subway station

The winters are long in Sapporo, so when summer finally arrives, people love getting out to the summer festivals and events. And the beer garden is no exception! The Odori Beer Garden is the biggest event in summer, and the biggest beer garden in Japan! Since its beginning in 1959 the beer garden runs for a month. Located in the heart of Sapporo, the beer garden takes up 6 blocks, runs over half a kilometer and seats up to 13,000 people!

Each venue is run by each of Japans leading brewers, so you can enjoy your favorite beer! Each venue offers seating with tables, standing-only spaces, as well as tables under a roof cover, it gets busy so be sure to get there early! Reserved seats are possible. Food is also available to buy. To buy a beer, you need to purchase a ticket then give the ticket to one of the friendly staff. Enjoy! The Odori Sapporo Beer Garden is broken up into the following venues:

5 Chome Venue: Suntory Beer “The Premium Malt’s Garden”



Opening Hours12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)
011-222-5122 (reservations)

Located on the 5th block west, Suntory has nice seating around the fountain. Non smoking seats are available. There are 160, all weather seats, and stand-up drinking space. Plus the Suntory beer, you can enjoy a 10-liter refrigerated pitcher and Suntory’s Kaku highballs.

6 Chome Venue: Asahi Beer “Asahi Super Dry Beer Park”



Opening Hours12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)

6th block west, at Asahi you can enjoy sitting under the overhanging trees and enjoy your beer. Asahi has an English menu and as with Suntory, it has plenty of seating. Asahi also has Super Dry chilled to below zero degree at the popular Extra Cold bar.

7 Chome Venue: Kirin Beer “Kirin Yoroko Beer Garden”



Opening Hours12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)

7th block west is the Kirin beer garden, with plenty of undercover seating. Kirin has 3 litre beer tubs, or the mighty 6 litre towers that are a popular choice. You can also enjoy the Kirin Ichiban Shibori frozen draft beer. Reservations are possible, stand-up drinking space available.

8 Chome Venue: Sapporo Beer “The Sapporo Beer Garden”



Opening Hours12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)

On the 8th block west and underneath the largest tent out of the whole event, lies the Sapporo beer venue. You can can enjoy draft beer direct from the factory, as well as the “Classic Furano Citrus” exclusive to the venue.

10 Chome Venue: “World Beer Plaza”

Opening HoursWeekdays: 12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)
Weekends: 16:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)

10th block west on Odori park will see you at the world beer plaza. Here you will find a variety of overseas draft beers such as Guinness, Lowenbrau, and Carlsberg, just to name a few. The perfect opportunity to try out some new ales!

11 Chome Venue: “Sapporo German Village”

Opening HoursWeekdays: 12:00 - 21:00 (last order is at 20:30)

Last but not least on the 11th block west is the Sapporo German village. Enjoy authentic draft beer brought in directly from Germany. You can also savor German cuisine and happy hours from noon until 4 o’clock in the evening on weekdays. Reservations are available.