Jugoshima Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
7:00 - 21:00 parking
NotesWalking paths, restrooms, free parking, picnic spot, fishing spot, playground, stage for events, popular in summer
Location /
Getting There
35 minute drive south from Sapporo. Located along Toyohira River. Take Ishiyama Dori, route 230 and turn right at the Co-op supermarket.
5 Chome-13 Fujino 1 Jo, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 061-2281

Along Toyohira River, there are lots of parks and green spaces to enjoy the river as well as the local area. Jugoshima Park is just one of these parks. It can be found between Sapporo and the onsen district of Jozankei. The park is a huge space of two square kilometres. This tranquil space includes a large grass area, walking trails and the river itself. The great thing about this park is that there are places to have a BBQ along the riverside. There is  no better way to enjoy a summers day.   


The park is not only popular during the summer months, but during the spring you can see cherry blossoms here! And during the autumn, the leaves turn to beautiful shades of red and gold and this a great spot to get some stunning photos. There are walking paths to wander and enjoy the scenery. The park has covered rest areas as well to stop and take a break. For those with kids, the park has a playground as well as the river which is the perfect size to explore the rick pools and streams. With plenty of parking, Jugoshima Park is a nice spot to check out!

Bon Festival

DatesMid August around the 13th - 15th
3 days
Starting timesAll day
Location /
Getting There
Various locations throughout every city.

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of ancestors. It has been celebrated in Japan for over 500 years and is known as a time for family. It is a time of family reunion, where the graves of ancestors are visited and cleaned. It also includes a celebration involving a Bon dance (Bon Odori). This festive dance was originally a folk dance to welcome the spirits of the dead. The dance takes place around a high wooden scaffold called a ‘yagura’. Musicians, playing a Japanese drum (taiko), and singers sit at the top of this yagura to perform for the line of dancers below.

These small festivals are held throughout each city in various places and districts. If you are in Sapporo, the main Bon Festival is held in Odori Park. Plus, there is another in front of the Park Hotel. At these Bon dances, there are stalls selling food and drink  and this goes all day. In the evening the lanterns come to life and the music starts. Anybody is welcome to join the line dance that circles the yagura. This is a great way to get involved with centuries of Japanese culture and make for a great spot to get some video or photos.

The Resort Beer Garden

札幌ビアガーデン ザ・リゾート
Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥2500 - ¥5000 per 2 hours
Opening Hours16:00 - 23:30 (Last order 23:00)
OpenJune 27 - August 31
Contact*011-272-0055 for reservation

*011-200-0056 after 14:00
NotesOutside beer garden, reservations needed, non smoking (special smoking area including e cigarettes), wheelchair access
Location /
Getting There
Central Sapporo. Located on the roof of Pivot department store. 5 minute walk from Odori subway station
〒060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 2 Jonishi, 4 Chome, PIVOT Rooftop terrace

The Resort Rooftop is beer garden that is open only during the summer. It is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy one of the many beer gardens spotted around the city during the warmer months. It is a great spot for groups especially as it is spacious, and in the open air it is a relaxing spot to enjoy a beer and some food. Unlike other beer gardens, reservations are needed. Without a reservation, you cannot enter the garden. And unlike other beer gardens, there is an ‘all you can drink’ only. For a set rate of two hours, you can drink as much as you want.

The beer garden up on the roof of the eleventh floor is divided into different sections. There is table seating under a tent which has heating. For an extra ¥500 there is a comfortable sofa area (which is recommended), and for an extra ¥1000 you can reserve the VIP area which has sofa seats, a heater, and is under cover.  There is also a drinking booth where there are three kinds of beers, cocktails and soft drinks. In terms of food, you can order a mixed BBQ, a a Ghengis Khan course, or a Samgyeopsal course with grilled meat. The food you cook yourself over an open BBQ at your table. Of course, if you just want to drink, then just order the flat all you can drink course!

Horomitoge Lavender Garden

¥500 parking
Opening Hours9:00 to 17:00
ClosedBeginning of July to the end of July
NotesPhotography spot, sightseeing spot, parking available, taxi ride to site needed or own transport
Location /
Getting There
Located in the western hills overlooking Sapporo. It is a 15 minute drive from Maruyama subway station past the zoo. Hiring a taxi is an alternative option, there is a taxi stand at the gardens.
471-110 Bankei, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0945

To see beautiful fields of lavender with stunning views, you don’t need to travel all the way to Furano. Sapporo has a secret spot where you can enjoy these beautiful lavender fields, and its right on the edge of town! If you only have a couple of days in Sapporo you can simply take a quick subway ride and then take a taxi to the Horomitoge Lavender Gardens. The gardens were created in 1987. Originally, there were only 120 lavender plants. This number has now grown to an impressive 5,000. It is a great place to wander around and get some stunning photos.

Not only do the Horomitoge Lavender Gardens have beautiful flowers, but from the top of the hills here, you can get some sweeping views over the city of Sapporo. On the crest of the hill there is a large tree which is the centre piece of the gardens and creates a beautiful photography spot, so make sure you bring your camera! For ¥500 you can cut and take some lavender home. Why not take some of fragrance home or give it as a gift. There are also some lavender products and postcards to buy from a small store located in the gardens. And it being summer, there is a an ice cream shop set up.

Kanayama Lake

Places of Interest Kanayama Lavender Fields
Kanayama Dam
Kodakara Shrine
Kanayamo Forest Park Camping Ground
NotesWalking trails, National park, Camping grounds, Canoeing
Getting ThereLocated along route 465 in Minami Furano (South Furano) district. 2 hour drive north east from Sapporo. 40 minute drive south from Furano. Closest station is Higashi-Shikagoe Station, along the Nemuro line. 5 minute walk to the lake from the station.

In Central Hokkaido located in the district of Minami Furano you can find the impressive Lake Kanayama. This narrow lake stretches for about ten kilometers and is surrounded by wooded mountains. It is formed from the Sorachi River among half a dozen others. It is a very picturesque place to visit, and is a good stop over point of you are driving from Sapporo to Furano via the backroads. On its central northern edge there is the Kanayama Forest Park, which is home to the Kanayamakohan Camping Ground, plus the beautiful Lake Kanayama Lavender Fields. On the eastern edge of the lake, there is the Kanayama Dam.

Along the lake you can often find a few fishermen, but if you want to get a closer look on the lake , then there is a fun canoeing tour that is available for the public! To rent out the canoes, you can talk to the staff at the Kanayama Camping Ground, as this is where the tour starts. The large canoes fit a maximum of five people (2 adults and 3 children) and the tour is overseen by a guide. Tours are from April to September and run for 1 hour 30 minutes. The canoes are available from 6:00 until 16:00. Guide, insurance, plus equipment is all included in the price, which is ¥5000 per canoe (cash only). There are five canoes so a maximum of up to 25 people!


Toyohira River

Length72 kilometres
Things to doTennis courts, Baseball courts
Basketball courts, Park golf
Soccer fields, Bicycle path
BMX track
Getting ThereRuns along eastern side of Sapporo station.
Closest station to Toyohira River is 'Nakajima Park Station'. From here it is a 5 minute walk east.



Toyohira high up near Jozankei

Toyohira River originates in Mt.Oizari, (Oizaridake) and winds its way down past Jozankei, to Sapporo before combining with the mighty Ishikari river before ending up in Ishikari bay. The lengthy river measures at 72 kilometers, and is the main river that flows past the city of Sapporo. The river is flanked by two paths that run along its banks. These paths are popular for runners, joggers, and cyclists who can enjoy the views for kilometer after kilometer. And of course, there are lots of fishing spots!


Sapporo half marathon along the river

If you are not jogging, taking a stroll, or walking the dog, there is plenty to do along river. There are a few open tennis courts set up to enjoy, basketball courts, a BMX track, play areas for the kids, plenty of baseball grounds and park golf courses that are available through spring, summer, and autumn. There is a tonne of open space that can be enjoyed by everybody. Throughout the year, there area a couple of events held along the river. During the summer they have a firework event, and in October there is the Sapporo Marathon.