Odori Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
NotesSightseeing spot, paid parking underground, festivals throughout the year (see below), toilets at park
Location /
Getting There
Odori Park runs horizontally right through the middle of Sapporo. It is a 10 minute walk from Sapporo Station. It is also directly above Odori Subway station. The park can be easily accessed from 3 subway stations along the Tozai Line (subway orange line).
7 Chome Odorinishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0042

Odori Park is the most famous park in Sapporo, if not Hokkaido. It runs through the heart of Sapporo and is home to the some of the biggest festivals throughout the year. The park runs for twelve blocks and separates the city into north and south. At the eastern most end you can find the iconic TV Tower which has great views overlooking the park. The park was originally constructed  as a large street, which also served as a firebreak in 1871. In 1872, the street was named ‘Shiribeshi Dōri’  but this name was not popular so it was renamed ‘Odōri’ in June 1881. Odori meaning ‘large street’ in English. The park itself didn’t become a park until 1909. 

Annual Events at Odori Park

February (2nd week)Sapporo Snow Festival
May (middle of the month)Lilac Festival.
June (2nd week)Yosakoi Soran Festival
July (from mid July)Sapporo Beer Garden
Jazz Festival
August (to mid August)Sapporo Beer Garden
SeptemberSapporo Autumn Festival
November (end of month)Sapporo White Illumination

The park is hugely popular especially during the warmer months. There are benches that line the park, and the grass areas throughout the park are a great spot to sit and have lunch, or a drink, and relax. There are numerous fountains to admire and to dip your feet in the hotter months. Swings, slides, a stage for performances, and beautiful flower gardens can be found throughout the park. On the western most block are the rose gardens and the Sapporo City Museum. Big events are held at Odori Park. The biggest being the Summer Beer Garden and the Snow Festival are at this park.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Opening Hours9:30 - 18:00
NotesShopping complex, historical site, free Wifi, wheelchair access & rental, no smoking, tax free shopping, rental bicycles, lockers, baby stroller rental, breast feeding room, pay phone, no pets, no outside food, currency exchange machine, parking available at ¥400 an hour
Location /
Getting There
It's only a 2 minute walk from Suehirocho station. It's also an 18 minute walk from Hakodate station. It's right by the old red brick warehouses shopping district.
14-12 Suehirocho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0053

Sitting on the old Hakodate pier, the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is a commercial shopping area. Kumashiro Watanabe founded the first warehouse business in Hakodate, which lead to the current site. Constructed in 1909, it consists of four large facilities. Hakodate Port opened up to international trading. The Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, over its history, has seen countless people and cultures trade within its walls. The area has changed very little. This area is a great spot to walk around and enjoy the history of the place. 



The Red Brick Warehouses are divided into four areas. Bay Hakodate, Kamemori Yobutsukan, Hakodate History Plaza, and Kanemori Hall. Bay Hakodate includes numerous stores, such as souvenir shops, boutiques, tax free stores, art and craft stores like Malaika, restaurants and cafes, plus a wine museum. Kamemori Yobutsukan, as with Bay Hakodate, has an array of twenty four stores including boutiques, interior stores, arts and crafts. Hakodate Plaza has fewer shops, but has a large beer hall with a couple of other stores, and the last warehouse is the Kanemori Hall. The hall is a concert hall that has regular shows on. Points of interest around the warehouse include the Girl in the Red Shoes, and the First Place of Entering Hokkaido.

Can Do

Opening Hours
Depends on location
Generally from 9:00 - 21:00
NotesCheap shopping store, basic goods
Getting ThereThere are multiple locations throughout Hokkaido. There are stores in every main city around Hokkaido

Can Do is a large chain of stores throughout Japan. It is one of the two main ¥100 store companies in Japan. In Hokkaido they have around seventy five in all the main cities. Their goal being to become a world wide brand. You can easily recognize the store by its large orange star. Their stores are well laid out and bright with easy to find items on the shelves. With most items being at ¥100 you can find most of your daily household goods at Can Do. These stores are very popular due how cheap everything is here. Most of the stores are part of main shopping centres or around some supermarkets. 

To find a Can Do closest to you, simply visit their website and check on locations. You can find the list of stores here. The items available at Can Do include Japanese traditional items (which make for a nice little souvenir to take home), kitchen goods, stationary and office supplies, bath and restroom articles, cleaning and washing items, health and beauty goods, clothing and bags, home goods, electronics, and food. Anything that you are looking for really. 



Furano Marche

Opening Hours10:00 - 19:00
NotesShops, restaurants, souvenir stores, local produce store, rest area, parking available
Location /
Getting There
Located in the central town of Furano. It's an 8 minute walk from Furano station.
13-1 Saiwaicho, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0024

Furano Marche is a small plaza that is home to twenty different shops, eateries and restaurants. Furano Marche serves as a popular tourist spot where you can pick up some great souvenirs, buy some local produce to take home to the kitchen, or take a rest and enjoy a quick feed on some local popular fare.  It is conveniently located in the centre of the small town of Furano, and is a stones throw away from Furano station, and Furano shrine. If you are driving in, there is ample parking to be found. Furano marche makes a great spot to include on your travels in the area.

Furano Marche is separated into two different sections, Furano Marche 1 and Furano March 2. They are located on two parallel blocks separated by a small road. Furano Marche 1 has an open plaza in the centre, whereas Marche 2 is a larger building complex. Furano Marche 1 includes a mouth watering burger shop, a cafe, a fresh bread store, a takoyaki (fried octopus snack) shop, a fruit juice counter, a local produce store and souvenir store. The larger building of Marche 2 has a flower store, local souvenir store, a rice ball eatery to take out, a local restaurant, a grocery store, a ramen restaurant,  and an ice-sundae eatery. 

Hokkaido University Festival

Dates1st weekend of June (3 days)
Opening Hours9:00 - 22:00
NotesAlcohol not permitted, no parking
Location /
Getting There
5 minute walk from Sapporo station. Take the north exit from the station, head one block north. The university is on the left hand side
5 Chome Kita 8 Jonishi, Kita Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0808


International food festival

The Hokkaido University Festival, also known as Hokudai-sai, is a three day event that is held at the start of June. It is a popular festival for the locals of Sapporo. The event allows the students to show the public their skills and cultural backgrounds. The event is actually compromised of ten festivals which are held down the main street of the campus in stalls, plus some of the surrounding buildings. One of the main attractions is the International Food Festival where you can sample foods from all over the world! These stalls are run by the international students attending the university.

One of the cosplayers

Besides the International Food area, there are further stalls set up along the road. These stalls sell Japanese cuisine, and include games and events. There are student performances on stage, a rock festival, haunted house, and a cosplay event. Simply take a long stroll down the main road that runs through the campus and take in the sights and smells. The stalls run for a few hundred meters so there is a lot to see! The event starts during the first week of June and runs through the weekend. If you are in Sapporo around that time, make sure to put the Hokkaido University Festival into your schedule.

Sapporo Factory Renga-Kan


Opening Hours10:00 - 22:00
NotesShopping area
Beer bar
Arts & crafts
Location /
Getting There
5 minute walk from Bus Center Mae subway station, which is one stop from Chuo-ku station (central Sapporo)
4 Chome Kita 2 Johigashi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0032



Beautiful old architecture

Factory Renga-Kan is a part of the shopping complex, known as ‘Sapporo Factory’, which is made up of four large buildings. Built originally in 1876 as the Sapporo Pioneering Beer Brewery, the Factory complex is now used as a shopping centre, for a place to dine, and to take in a piece of history in the Sapporo area. The Renga-Kan is located on the western side of Factory, and is a short walk across the courtyard from ‘the atrium’. The Renga-Kan, which literally translates to ‘Brick Museum’ is a three story building that is perfect for shopping for arts & crafts, a photographic spot, and for some fine dining.


The brewery observation hall

The first floor has kids park, the Sapporo Kaitakushi Brewery where you can observe the brewing process. Right by this brewery is a tasting room, where you can taste some traditional Sapporo beers and a great spot for tourists! On this floor you can also find four restaurants, plus a wine cellar with some fantastic wines! The ‘La Brique’ is a gorgeous French restaurant that is attached to the wine cellar. ‘Terzina Trattoria Pizzeria’ is an Italian restaurant and there is a fresh produce restaurant and market called ‘Fresh Factory’. Last but not least is the beer hall, with some hearty meals and beer!


Shopping area

Where the first floor is for feasting, the second floor is for shopping. Here, through the beautiful old hallways and creaking floorboards you can find an array of arts and craft shops. You can also watch the artists creating their works in their small workshops in the stores. There is jewelry , toys, woodwork and metal work on sale. There is also a furniture store, and an Iranian carpet store with some fantastic wares. The third floor is made up of photographic studios plus a ceramic workshop, kids school, and a theatre academy school.