Maeda Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours

NotesSightseeing spot, parking available, walking spot, jogging spot, park golf, baseball ground & football ground available to rent, picnic area, cherry blossoms, photography spot
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Getting There
Get off at 'Kita 24jo Station' on the Namboku Subway Line. At Kita 24jo Bus Terminal No. 1, take the Chuo Bus Kita 72 bound for Maeda Forest Park and get off at Maeda Forest Park Entrance. For those driving, it is 30 minute drive north from Sapporo Station. Take route 125 and head north.
591-4 Teinemaeda, Teine Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 006-0829

Maeda Forest Park began construction in 1982 and was finally completed ten years later. This park has beautiful landscaping and paths to access, plus half the park is made of forest area. The main feature of the park is the long shallow canal that runs in line with a view of Mt. Teine on the horizon. The canal is 600 metres in length and 15 metres wide, and is lined with 240 Poplar trees. The views from the observation lounge are really amazing so be sure to bring your camera. The design of this area in particular has a very European ambience and photos could easily be mistaken as a foreign postcard from distant lands. 

The canal is the perfect backdrop to go running, jogging, or even for a stroll. You can enjoy the four seasons. The summer activities, the cherry blossoms in spring, and the beautiful changing leaves in the autumn. The park has numerous paths and spaces that can be used recreationally. The soccer field, baseball ground can be hired out (contact through the website), plus there is a park golf course as well. During the warmer seasons there are numerous flowers and fauna that can be observed, including lilacs and wisteria. You can make a day of it as well by making use of the BBQ area. In the winter, there is a large hill for sledding and snowboarding. Maeda Forest Park is one of the best parks to visit in Sapporo!

Ōmori Beach

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
NotesBeach, jogging spot, BBQ spot, swimming spot
Location /
Getting There
Located in Hakodate. The closest tram station is Matsukaze-cho Station. It is a 7 minute walk east from this station.
〒040-0034 Hokkaido, Hakodate, Omoricho, 22, Unnamed Road

Ōmori Beach is a beach located on the eastern side of the main headland that makes up the city of Hakodate. The beach runs or about three kilometers with a majority of the rural housing running alongside it. The beach is your typical beach in Hokkaido. The sands are not pristine but it is a popular spot during the short summer months on the northern island. There is no official parking spot but there are plenty of places to park on the side streets that run adjacent to the beach.

This beach is good for taking a stroll with views along the coast to Mt. Hakodate in the south. For those wanting for more of a fitness kick, it’s also a good beach to run along. In the summer, there are places to have a picnic or a small BBQ with friends. Unfortunately, there are very little restaurants or cafes along this beach. There are a couple of hotels close by. The beach is a short walk from the streetcar station, Matsukaze-cho Station. The beach also offers up some nice sunset views to enjoy at dusk. 

Kaitakuya Tavern

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥1000- ¥2000
Opening Hours15:00 - 0:00
NotesLate night izakaya, casual, seating 30
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Getting There
Across from Odori park, 2 minute walk from Odori subway station. 3 minute walk from Sapporo TV Tower
060-0042 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Odorinishi, 2 Chome, Ceramics Building 1F

Kaitakuya Tavern is one of those cool, old school Japanese izakayas that has rustic charm. It is located in the heart of Sapporo with its windows facing the popular Odori Park. It is an easy spot to access, and is a good izakaya to stop in and grab a beer. The food that comes on the menu is your basic izakaya food. Simple is best! Kaitakuya has some great kushiyaki on the menu. Kushiyaki being grilled meat or vegetables on a bamboo skewer. Whether it be pork, beef, chicken or vegetables. Goes well with any beer.

Of the many side dishes, the menu also has seafood on its plates. The lightly fried shrimp is especially good. The beer is on tap, and it flows whether on a summer day, with the open doors, or during a cozy winter. Other drinks include spirits such as whiskey, sake, or wine. There is a ‘nomihodai’ option (all you can drink). This option applies to beer and cocktails. If you really want to experience a Japanese  style izakaya, Kaitakuya Tavern is a nice option. It is also near many of the sightseeing spots of Sapporo, so drop in for a drink!

Gotenzan Park

Opening Hours9:00 - 17:00
ClosedDuring the winter (depending on snow conditions)
NotesBBQ area, hiking trails, toilets, playground, BBQ area, park golf, parking for 544 cars
Park Golf18 holes fee Adults ¥270 / Children ¥120 / 65 years and older ¥180
27 holes fee Adults ¥400 / Children ¥180 / 65 and over ¥270
4-hour ticket Adults ¥700 / Children ¥360 / Over 65 years old ¥500
Location /
Getting There
The park is a 20 minute drive west from Sapporo into the mountains. Parking is free.
JR Bus 41 "Nishino Fukui Line" departing from JR "Hassamu Station"
JR Bus Kotoni 41 Nishino-Fukui Line from "Kotoni Subway Station"
It's a 5 minutes walk from "Fukui 10-chome" or get off at "Gotenzan Park"
423 Fukui, Nishi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0012

This large recreational space (which was originally an old quarry) can be found up in the mountains and was opened in 2009. The park was the first of its kind, found in the west ward of Sapporo. It is easily recognizable by its pyramid shaped mountain overlooking the whole area.  The park has BBQ cooking huts for use (enquire at the office), plus a playground for the kids, a ball game space for football and basketball, and a 27 hole park golf course on the grounds. During the summer, there are fireflies that converge at the ‘firefly waterway’ which also has a restored windmill running. 

If you want to stretch your legs even further, take a walk up to Mt. Goten which has two viewing platforms. The springtime is especially popular for its beautiful flowers. Even though this large recreational space is up in the mountains it is actually not that far from central Sapporo. It is about a twenty minute drive from central Sapporo. The road winds its way west up through the mountains until you reach the park of Gotenzan. Take advantage of the ample free parking here, that has enough space for 550 vehicles! For those without access to a vehicle, you can take the bus up from Kotoni station in Sapporo. 

Jugoshima Park

Opening HoursOpen 24 hours
7:00 - 21:00 parking
NotesWalking paths, restrooms, free parking, picnic spot, fishing spot, playground, stage for events, popular in summer
Location /
Getting There
35 minute drive south from Sapporo. Located along Toyohira River. Take Ishiyama Dori, route 230 and turn right at the Co-op supermarket.
5 Chome-13 Fujino 1 Jo, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 061-2281

Along Toyohira River, there are lots of parks and green spaces to enjoy the river as well as the local area. Jugoshima Park is just one of these parks. It can be found between Sapporo and the onsen district of Jozankei. The park is a huge space of two square kilometres. This tranquil space includes a large grass area, walking trails and the river itself. The great thing about this park is that there are places to have a BBQ along the riverside. There is  no better way to enjoy a summers day.   


The park is not only popular during the summer months, but during the spring you can see cherry blossoms here! And during the autumn, the leaves turn to beautiful shades of red and gold and this a great spot to get some stunning photos. There are walking paths to wander and enjoy the scenery. The park has covered rest areas as well to stop and take a break. For those with kids, the park has a playground as well as the river which is the perfect size to explore the rick pools and streams. With plenty of parking, Jugoshima Park is a nice spot to check out!

Omotesando Street Festival

DatesFirst weekend of July
Opening HoursAll day
Location /
Getting There
Located in West Sapporo in the suburb of Maruyama. It runs down 6 blocks adjacent to Maruyama subway station.
Minami 1 Jo-dori Ave, 25-chōme-2 Minami 1 Jōnishi, Chūō-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0801

Street festivals in Japan are a fantastic look into Japanese culture and a great way to enjoy a day, taking in the sights, activities, and the local food. The Omotesando Street Festival is one of these festivals. This festival runs all day and can be found running the length of one of the main streets in the suburb of Maruyama, West Sapporo. It is on on the same day as the Sapporo Craft Beer Forest, which is not too far away. It’s a great idea to check out the Craft Beer Forest event and then finish the rest of the day at the Omotesando Street Festival!

The day is a real family affair. There is a lot to see and do. Lining both sides of the streets, there are plenty of food stalls. It is here you can grab some local food and enjoy it with a beer, wine or non alcoholic drinks. Local food includes oysters, BBQ chicken, edamame (steamed beans), and shellfish, just to name a few. For the kids, there are magic shows, and game stalls to win a price. The cafes, bars, and restaurants are also open along this street, so its all happening here! On a beautiful sunny day, you can’t beat the street festival.