Hokkaido University Festival

Dates1st weekend of June (3 days)
Opening Hours9:00 - 22:00
NotesAlcohol not permitted, no parking
Location /
Getting There
5 minute walk from Sapporo station. Take the north exit from the station, head one block north. The university is on the left hand side
5 Chome Kita 8 Jonishi, Kita Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0808


International food festival

The Hokkaido University Festival, also known as Hokudai-sai, is a three day event that is held at the start of June. It is a popular festival for the locals of Sapporo. The event allows the students to show the public their skills and cultural backgrounds. The event is actually compromised of ten festivals which are held down the main street of the campus in stalls, plus some of the surrounding buildings. One of the main attractions is the International Food Festival where you can sample foods from all over the world! These stalls are run by the international students attending the university.

One of the cosplayers

Besides the International Food area, there are further stalls set up along the road. These stalls sell Japanese cuisine, and include games and events. There are student performances on stage, a rock festival, haunted house, and a cosplay event. Simply take a long stroll down the main road that runs through the campus and take in the sights and smells. The stalls run for a few hundred meters so there is a lot to see! The event starts during the first week of June and runs through the weekend. If you are in Sapporo around that time, make sure to put the Hokkaido University Festival into your schedule.