Kushiro Marsh Observatory

Admission¥480 - Adults
¥250 - Highschool Students
¥120 - Children
*Free for seniors
Opening Hours8: 30 - 18: 00 April-September
9: 00 - 17: 00 October-March
NotesMuseum, wheelchair access, lockers available, parking 108 cars, souvenir store, toilets, restaurant
Location /
Getting There
The museum is to the north west of Kushiro city on route 53. It's 30 minutes by car from JR Kushiro Station (Akan Bus: Tsurui Line), or it's about 18 minutes by car from Kushiro Airport.
6-11 Hokuto, Kushiro, Hokkaido 084-0922

Perched at the top of a large hill, overlooking Kushiro Marsh, you can find the Kushiro Marsh Observatory. This is one of the most interesting buildings in Hokkaido. The exterior, and especially the interior, has a strange and unique design and is reminiscent of a cool sci-fi movie. The central hall of the museum is definitely a place to get some photos. This museum is a good spot to appreciate the surrounding wetlands, known as Kushiro Wetland. On the rooftop of the building, there is an observation deck where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the marshland, the city of Kushiro, and the mountains of Akan.

Inside the museum there are various exhibits of the surrounding landscape and the local animals of the wetlands. There aren’t a lot of these exhibits but they have some interesting information of the local area. Admission is free for the first floor. It is here you can find a souvenir shop and a restaurant. The second floor has an exhibition area and from this stage on, you have to pay to enter. There is an elevator that reaches the rooftop. Around the museum, there are walking paths that lead into the marshlands of Kushiro. The Marsh Observatory is definitely worth a stop in if you are in the area.

Hyakuninhama Auto Camping Ground

Cost per night¥5,330 Bungalow (1 building for 4 people)
¥2,660 Bungalow day trip

¥3,190 Auto site
¥310 Tent area (per person)
¥200 Tent area (per chilld)
OpenGate is open from 7:00 - 19:00
April 20th - October 20th
NotesMountain campsite, washing area, toilets, parking, cabins, own transport needed, camping gear available to rent (see end of article)
Location /
Getting There
The campsite is just on the eastern side of Cape Erimo. It's a 10 minute drive from the cape. From Sapporo, take route 336 along the coast. It is a 4 hour drive.
102-5 Shoya, Erimo, Horoizumi District, Hokkaido 058-0421

This is one of the only campgrounds in the district of Erimo. It’s just past Cape Erimo and is a great spot to set up in the lush, well maintained camp sites. If traveling from Sapporo, it’s a good distance to reach by the afternoon after a nice coastal drive, and set up for the evening. There are a hundred camping spots to choose from plus there are a nineteen wood cabins that fit up to four people. Customers staying at the site will be issued free coupons for the Park Golf down the road, and for ‘Kaze no Yakata’ (wind museum) on Cape Erimo. 

The cabins here have bunks but there are no mattresses or bedding so be sure to bring something to sleep on. (Sleeping mats are available from the office). The cabins have power sockets which is handy. The campsite has all the facilities you could need. There are areas for washing and cleaning, plus washing machines for those on a long road trip and showers. The toilets are clean and well maintained and easily accessed. For those who need extra items for their stay, then these are available at the main office. The friendly staff here are more than happy to help you with any enquiries. The trees and small paths that wind through the campground make this area a nice place to relax and enjoy some camping. 

Rental tent
(1 tent for 4 people)
Sleeping bag (1 set)¥520
Sleeping mat (1 sheet)¥200
Shower room¥200
Washing machine¥200
Simple Furnace¥200
Charcoal (3 kg)¥600
Cooking utensil set
(1 set for 4 people)
Gas stove set (1 unit)¥840
Cassette cylinder¥310
Lantern (with battery)¥630
Electric stove (1 unit)¥630

Nishioka Park

Opening Hours9:00 - 17:00
NotesSightseeing spot, bird watching, walking trails, parking available, walking spot, jogging spot, picnic area, photography spot
Location /
Getting There
From "Sumikawa Station" on the Namboku Subway Line, take the Chuo Bus Nishioka Loop Line [Sumi 73] or [Sumi 74]. Get off at "Nishioka Sugenike".
It is a 28 minute drive from central Sapporo.
487 Nishioka, Toyohira Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 062-0039

Nishioka Park is located in the southern suburbs of Sapporo. The main feature of this huge park is the equally huge pond at its center. The water feature was originally constructed as a water supply facility for the former army (25th Infantry Regiment) in the Meiji era. Construction started in June 1891 with the blocking of the Tsukisamu River. It wasn’t until 1977 that the land and reserve became Nishioka Park. This waterside park is famous for flora and fauna. A great spot for bird watchers and nature lovers. Take a stroll along the raised paths over the marshlands where you can observe abundant mammals, wild birds, dragonflies, and the fireflies (which come out late July).

The park has a few different areas to wander around in. At the top of the park, there is an observation deck and community center. In this area you can find pine trees and cherry blossoms during the spring. Following the paths, they all lead down to the water. The path crosses over running streams, and grass areas for those who want to sit and have a picnic. There is also a camping ground here! The iconic structure overlooking the pond is the small intake tower. Hexagon in shape, this wooden tower is a nice photo opportunity. 

Ishiyama Green Space

Opening Hours7:00 - 21:00
NotesAutumn is best time, parking available for 46 cars, walking paths, sculptures, restrooms on site, car needed, wheelchair access, tennis courts, gateball field,
Location /
Getting There
The park is a 25 minute drive south from Sapporo. On the east side of Toyohira, take route 453 and it's on the right after crossing over the overhead bridge.
Take the Chuo Bus Karumanuma Line (Shin-101) or Takino Line (Shin-102) from the Subway Namboku Line "Makomanai Station" and
get off at "Ishiyama Higashi 3-chome". 4 minutes on foot
78 Ishiyama, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 005-0849

Ishiyama Green Space is a fantastic area to walk around, explore and relax. It has a real unearthly feel to it as the park is surrounded by sheer, white rock topped with overhanging trees. There are also beautiful and interesting sculptures placed around the park and are built into the landscape, adding to the mystique and beauty.  The park was originally a soft rock mining site and in 1993 it was transformed into its current look. This park is definitely a must see during the autumn as the changing leaves add a vibrant color in contrast to the white cliffs!

The park is split into two sections with a small road dissecting the space. There is parking on both sides. The northern park has a lookout point which offers great views down the valley that leads to Jozankei. It is also on this side you can find a play area for the kids, plus there are tennis courts that can be rented out for ¥620 per hour. There is also a gateball (a kind of croquet style game) field here. The southern section of Ishiyama Green Space has paths and sculptures that wind around by ten meter white rock cliffs. This space has areas to sit, to walk around and explore this amazing space. 

Ari-kun Crater & Walking Trails

Opening HoursAll day
NotesLight walking trails, photography spot, parking available
Location /
Getting There
On the southern side of Lake Toya. The crater itself is a 15 minute walk from the entrance.
Toyakoonsen, Toyako, Abuta District, Hokkaido 049-5721

Lake Toya, being a caldera volcanic lake, is surrounded by land that has seen its fair share of volcanic activity. The area is home to a few craters, half a dozen monuments related to the ever shifting geography, and the active volcano Mt. Usu! Among the craters formed over the the southern area of Lake Toya there are some walking trails that make for a nice hike taking in the surrounding landscape. The entrance to the path, called the ‘Kompirayama Walking Trail’ can be found behind the Toyako Visitor Centre. It is also here you can find the parking lot.  

The walking trails are numbered from one to seven. You can find a map of these trails at the small hut at the base of the stairs that lead to start of the hike. The walk leads up into the hills where you can view the Ari-kun crater. Simply follow the sign mark T-7 and this will lead you to the crater. Along the way, you can see the steel barriers that were erected to protect the town from the hot mudflow after the 1977 eruptions. The trail is a circuit that also leads past the Sakuragaoka Housing Complex Ruins. Not only can you enjoy the views, but you also learn about the interesting history of the impact of the volcanoes in the area!   

Hagi Park Camp Ground

Cost per night¥2000 large tent
¥700 small tent
OpenApril - November
NotesLakeside campsite, Washing area, Toilets, Parking, Summer night time fireworks
Location /
Getting There
Located on the northern side on Lake Toya. 2 hour drive from Sapporo
100 Tōyamachi, Toyako, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 049-5802

Lake Toya is a beautiful lake that can be found in the southern area of Hokkaido. It is about a two and a half hour drive from Sapporo. The lake is famous for its pristine waters, local wilderness, and its volcano which lies dormant to the south of the lake. The volcano being Mt Usu. There are couple of camp grounds by the shores of Lake Toya which are fantastic spots to set up your tent. The Hagi Park Camp Ground is one of these. The camping area is large and there is plenty of space with spectacular views all overlooking the lake. The campground has toilets, parking, and sinks with running water to clean up. 





The camping ground has a small river running through it leading out to the lake. It’s here you can find some of the local residents paddling around. The swans like to feed here and it’s a good spot to get some photos! The grounds surrounding the whole lake has sculptures all through it, and at the Hagi Park Ground you can find some great pieces of art. During the warm summer months you can see (and hear) the fireworks show that is held daily across the other side of the lake. On setting up your tent at the site, friendly staff will do the rounds and you can pay the going rate for the tents. There is no office here. Hagi Park Camp Ground is the perfect spot to get away. 

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