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Urahoro Shrine

Urahoro Shrine
During the Meiji Era, as the town of Urahoro (on the south east coast of Hokkaido) was being developed, the pioneers called for the construction of a shrine to serve as a spiritual centre. On August 15, 1896, a small shrine was erected, enshrining Amaterasu ...
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Onnenai Visitor Center

The Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, also known as the Kushiro Marshland is a sprawling national park to the north of Kushiro. There are half a dozen observation decks, museums, and walking paths that surround the park. The Onnenai Visitor Center is one of these museums ...
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Kushiro Shitsugen National Park

The Kushiro Shitsugen National park (better known as the Kushiro Marshland) is a national park, located to the north of Kushiro on the eastern side of Hokkaido. The park is known for its wetlands ecosystems. 'Shitsugen' translates to wetlands in English. It was designated as ...
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Kushiro Marsh Observatory

Perched at the top of a large hill, overlooking Kushiro Marsh, you can find the Kushiro Marsh Observatory. This is one of the most interesting buildings in Hokkaido. The exterior, and especially the interior, has a strange and unique design and is reminiscent of a ...
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Obihiro Shrine

In 1881, a man named Benzo Yoda and others from Shizuoka Prefecture organized a pioneer group called the "Bansei-sha". This group  and settled inShimo-Obihiro Village and started pioneering. During this time, they started holding festivals and later built a small shrine, though the connection with ...
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Kushiro City Museum

The history of the Kushiro City Museum dates far back to 1936. Originally, an exhibition room was set up as the "Kushiro City Folk Museum" on the second floor of the Kushiro City Hall Waterworks Construction Office. Over the decades, the location changed and finally ...
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Midorigaoka Park

This massive park is located in the middle of the city of Obihiro. Stretching to 50 hectares, this comprehensive park contains a park golf course, the Obihiro Zoo and the Obihiro Centennial Hall, plus walking trails and a pond ...
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Obihiro Centennial Hall

The Obihiro Centennial City Museum was opened back in 1982. It is part of Midorigaoka Park which also contains the Obihiro Zoo. This museum exhibits materials relating to the natural history and local history of Obihiro and the Tokachi region ...
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Sakaemachiheiwa Park

Sakaemachiheiwa Park is located in the center of Kushiro. There are very few green spaces in Kushiro and this park is often used for festivals during the summer and winter and many locals use this park. There is a bit of interesting history behind the ...
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Nusamai Park

This park in Kushiro can be found overlooking the city and is a quiet and peaceful spot to enjoy. In this small park, among the flowers and trees, you can also find the Takeshirō Matsuura Ezo Expedition Statue. Takeshirō Matsuura was a Japanese explorer, cartographer, ...
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