The Kurashi Store of Hokkaido

Opening Hours10:00 - 23:00 Sapporo
07:30 - 21: 00 New Chitose Airport
Contact011-223-3566 Sapporo
0123-45-0050 New Chitose Airport
NotesHokkaido produce store
Location /
Getting There
In Sapporo, 3 minutes on foot from Subway Namboku Line Susukino Station. 2F in New Chitose Airport
Chuo-ku, Minami-Sanjo 5-Chome No. 1 No. 1 Norbesa 1st Floor & New Chitose Airport


Classic beer

Hokkaido is famous for its nature and its produce. The Kurashi Store of Hokkaido is a chain of shops found not only in Hokkaido but also on the main island, selling popular items produced in Hokkaido. There are two shops in Honshu, and there are two shops in Hokkaido. One is in the main city of Sapporo, the other can be found in the New Chitose Airport on the second floor. While in Hokkaido, these products make for the perfect gifts or souvenirs to purchase. The goods come from all over Hokkaido focusing on the 179 different districts so there is a huge range to choose from.

Well stocked to peruse at your leisure

The Kurashi Store of Hokkaido has a large selection of sweets, seasonings, cheese, and dairy products to name but a few. There is also a variety of seasonal vegetables. In the drinks department they have bottled beer, teas, and sake, plus a wide choice of coffees to try. At the Kurashi Store there are some tasting tables where you can sample the different blends. At the Sapporo store there is a take out corner where you can try Hokkaido-produced milk ice cream which is a popular treat. The Chitose branch has equally delicious gelato on offer. Whatever you are looking for, The Kurashi Store of Hokkaido has a variety of the best produce of Hokkaido.