Getting To Sapporo

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Getting to Sapporo.

There are three main ways to get to Sapporo. These are by air via the New Chitose Airport then limited express train to Sapporo, by rail via the Seikan Under-sea Tunnel and by JR Seikan Ferry to Hakodate then limited express train to Sapporo.

By Air -

Sapporo Airport or New Chitose Airport is located approximately 62 km to the south-east of Sapporo. Major airlines flying to Sapporo are ANA - All Nippon Airways, JAL - Japan Airlines and Airdo Budget Airlines operated by the JAL group. There are daily air flights from the Japanese cities of Narita, and Haneda Airports in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Niigata and Sendai. This air corridor is the busiest in the world and it is highly recommended that you book well in advance for these flights. After arriving at New Chitose Airport there are three main options for transportation to Sapporo. The JR Chitose Limited Express train, airport and hotel busses and hire cars available at the airport.

The JR Chitose train costs ¥1040 for a one way adult fare. Tickets can be purchased from the machines located near the station entrance. The trains leave about every 15 minutes and take about 36 minutes to arrive at Sapporo station by rapid express. Announcements of train stations are made in both English and Japanese.

Airport and hotel busses operate daily and will either terminate at Sapporo station or the specific hotel of the bus. Tickets for the airport buses can be purchased from the desk in the New Chitose Airport. If you have prearranged accommodation in Sapporo city, check with the hotel staff at the time of booking to confirm if the hotel operates a bus service for guests and if the cost is included in the hotel fee.

By Train and Ferry -

With the completion of the Seikan Undersea train tunnel in March 1988, it is now possible to to catch trains directly from the Japanese main island of Honshu to Hokkaido. Trains run to and from various cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Aomori and Morioka. Costs vary depending on the distance covered, type of train (express or night train) and type of seat (regular to private room). Boarding a train from Tokyo (Ueno Station) to Sapporo will cost between ¥9 500 to ¥25 000 and takes approximately 13 to 17 hours. There are one to two trains per day.

The Shikansen or Bullet Train now uses the tunnel expansion and travels from Tokyo to Hakodate. For the onward journey to Sapporo it is necessary to catch a local rapid express train from Hakodate to Sapporo.

The ferry can be a nice and slightly different way to travel from the main island to Hokkaido. Ferry services operate from various ports including Niigata, Hachinohe, Nagoya, Sendai and Aomori and terminate at Hakodate, Muroran, Otaru and Tomakomai.

By Air (Domestic)
Sapporo to Akita55 min.
Sapporo to Aomori
50 min.
Sapporo to Fukuoka155 min.
Sapporo to Fukushima80 min.
Sapporo to Hanamaki55 min.
Sapporo to Hiroshima130 min.
Sapporo to Kagoshima170 min.
Sapporo to Kochi135min.
Sapporo to Komatsu100 min.
Sapporo to Matsumoto95 min.
Sapporo to Matsuyama145 min.
Sapporo to Misawa45 min.
Sapporo to Nagasaki165 min.
Sapporo to Nagoya105 min.
Sapporo to Narita95 min.
Sapporo to Niigata75 min.
Sapporo to Okayama130 min.
Sapporo to Okinawa230 min.
Sapporo to Osaka (Itami)120 min.
Sapporo to Osaka (Kansai)130 min.
Sapporo to Sendai70 min.
Sapporo to Takamatsu130 min.
Sapporo to Tokyo90 min.
Sapporo to Toyama95 min.
Sapporo to Yamagata70 min.
Sapporo to Yamaguchiube150 min.
Hakodate to Nagoya95 min.
Hakodate to Osaka (Kansai)125 min.
Hakodate to Tokyo85 min.
Asahikawa to Nagoya115 min.
Asahikawa to Osaka (Kansai)145 min.
Asahikawa to Tokyo105 min.
Wakkanai to Tokyo120 min.
Memambetsu to Nagoya125 min.
Memambetsu to Osaka (Kansai)155 min.
Memambetsu to Tokyo110 min.
Nakashibetsu to Tokyo115 min.
Obihiro to Nagoya115 min.
Obihiro to Osaka140 min.
Obihiro to Tokyo95 min.
Kushiro to Nagoya115 min.
Kushiro to Osaka (Kansai)150 min.
Kushiro to Tokyo105 min.
By Air (International)
Chitose to Seoul195 min.
Chitose to Guam275 min.
Chitose to Shenyang (China)190 min.
Chitose to Honolulu280 min.
Chitose to Cairns295 min.
By Sea
Otaru to Maizuru31 hr.
Otaru to Niigata
19 hr.
Otaru to Tsuruga
21 hr.
Tomakomai to Hachinohe
9 hr. 30 min.
Tomakomai to Nagoya
38 hr. 30 min.
Tomakomai to Oarai
20 hr. 45 min.
Tomakomai to Sendai
14 hr. 30 min.
Muroran to Aomori
7 hr.
Muroran to Hachinohe
8 hr.
Muroran to Naoetsu
17 hr.
Muroran to Oarai
18 hr. 50 min.
Hakodate to Oma
1 hr 40 min.
By Train
Sapporo to Tokyo16 hr.
Sapporo to Osaka
22 hr. 30 min.
Hakodate to Aomori
2 hr. 30 min.
Hakodate to Osaka
17 hr.
Hakodate to Morioka
4 hr. 10 min.