Joyful AK

Opening Hours9:00 - 20:00
NotesHome improvement store, interior & exterior, pet store, supermarket, truck rental, large parking space, wheelchair access, gardening store, wheelchair access, credit card accepted
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Getting There
There are 9 Joyful AK stores in the Hokkaido area (though 2 of these are pet stores only). 5 of these are in Sapporo, with 1 being in the city of Obihiro, Ebetsu, Kitahiroshima, and Otofuke. Please see maps below and at the end of the article for access.

For carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, interior decorators, gardeners and all round handymen and the DIY enthusiasts, Joyful AK is a builders paradise. This is THE store to find pretty much anything you need. The other stores that are popular is the Homac chain, but these stores (although more numerous) are on a much smaller scale. The Joyful AK stores are gigantic, and if you can’t find what you need at Homac, Joyful AK will have it. Many of the stores have a separate building specializing in outdoor goods, plus a pet store, and a restaurant or eatery. Joyful AK also have a supermarket area and shopping area. 

There is ample parking at the Joyful stores with special parking for larger vehicles that can back up to the wood section. One of the pluses here too, is that you can hire a small truck for those with some serious bulk to buy and move. Not only can you find ample amounts of wood in any size, steel goods, piping, a huge selection of paints and stains, they also have every tool and machine you need for renovating and doing the odd jobs around the home. On the second floor they also have an ample furniture and interior section. When paying for your goods, they accept credit cards and why not take advantage of the special points card you can get at all Joyful AK stores. Joyful AK is second to none when it comes to home improvement!

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