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Hyakuninhama Auto Camping Ground

This is one of the only campgrounds in the district of Erimo. It's just past Cape Erimo and is a great spot to set up in the lush, well maintained camp sites. If traveling from Sapporo, it's a good distance to reach by the afternoon ...
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Ōmori Beach

Ōmori Beach is a beach located on the eastern side of the main headland that makes up the city of Hakodate. The beach runs or about three kilometers with a majority of the rural housing running alongside it ...
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Gotenzan Park

This large recreational space (which was originally an old quarry) can be found up in the mountains and was opened in 2009. The park was the first of its kind, found in the west ward of Sapporo. It is easily recognizable by its pyramid shaped ...
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Jugoshima Park

Along Toyohira River, there are lots of parks and green spaces to enjoy the river as well as the local area. Jugoshima Park is just one of these parks. It can be found between Sapporo and the onsen district of Jozankei ...
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Kanayamakohan Camping Ground

The Kanayamakohan Camping Ground is part of the beautiful and scenic Kanayamako Forest Park. This a huge campground on lush lawns overlooking Lake Kanayama. The campgrounds are well managed and kept, with plenty of facilities to make your stay or visit more comfortable. There are ...
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Hagi Park Camp Ground

Lake Toya is a beautiful lake that can be found in the southern area of Hokkaido. It is about a two and a half hour drive from Sapporo. The lake is famous for its pristine waters, local wilderness, and its volcano which lies dormant to ...
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Biei Shizennomura Camping Ground

Biei Shizennomura Camping Ground which translates to "Biei Nature Village Camping Ground" is a large camping ground which literally has 'cabins in the woods'. If you are looking for a peace and quiet with some privacy, this place could be the spot for you! The ...
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Green Stay Lake Toya Auto Campsite

Lake Toya has a nice coastal drive around it offering beautiful views over the water. There are many hotels to stay at in the onsen district. If you are looking for something out of town and a bit more rustic, then the Green Stay Lake ...
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Ko Park Camping Ground

The Ko Park Camping Ground can be found on the northern shores of Lake Toya. It a nice strip of grassland where you can pitch your tent, overlooking the placid water of the lake. By the campground there are sculptures, a wisteria orchard, a beach ...
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Toyohira River

Toyohira River originates in Mt.Oizari, (Oizaridake) and winds its way down past Jozankei, to Sapporo before combining with the mighty Ishikari river before ending up in Ishikari bay. The lengthy river measures at 72 kilometers, and is the main river that flows past the city ...
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