Nusamai Park

Opening Hours24 hours
NotesSmall park area, sightseeing spot, children playground, toilets
Location /
Getting There
The square is located in central Kushiro. It is just off the main road, Kitadori 113, and right by the Nusamai Bridge. It is a 15 minute walk, south from Kushiro station.
1 Nusamaicho, Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0836

This park in Kushiro can be found overlooking the city and is a quiet and peaceful spot to enjoy. In this small park, among the flowers and trees, you can also find the Takeshirō Matsuura Ezo Expedition Statue. Takeshirō Matsuura was a Japanese explorer, cartographer, writer, painter, priest, and antiquarian. Born in 1818 he was an important figure in the development of Hokkaido. He was instrumental in the naming of the island and many of its places and is often referred to as the “Godparent of Hokkaido”. This statue is in the center of the park and overlooks the city.

To get to the park, you need to pass over the the popular Nusamai Bridge. There is a path that winds its way up past the round about and up a flight of steps. The design of this path is really nice and has a distinct European feel to it. This gives the area a beautiful atmosphere. Once at the top, there are nice views. The sunset here is particularly nice. This park has play equipment for kids and benches to sit. For such a small park, this area is quite a nice spot to visit and is recommended in the late afternoon.