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Tokachi No Nagaya & Kita No Yatai

For a night out on the town in Obihiro most of the bars and restaurants are on the north side of Obihiro Station. Walking the streets you will come across Tokachi No Nagaya & Kitanoyatai. These narrow streets cover two blocks and seem to be ...
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Iruka Bar

The Iruka Bar is a great little place in Susukino, Sapporo. The name 'Iruka' means dolphin in Japanese. This bar has that cool, dark, laid back, smokey feel to it. The staff and the owner are very friendly and welcoming ...
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Bar Lit 9

Bar Lit 9 is a cool little bar located in downtown Susukino, Sapporo. It is in the New Olympia building, on the 9th floor. It is run by the super friendly owner, Kaori. She is always happy to have a chat and to keep the ...
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Bar Unity

Unity is a cool little reggae bar in central Kushiro. This long running bar originally opened back in 1995. It is run by the friendly owner who is happy to have a chat and keep the tunes rolling. The main music selection here is reggae, ...
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Yakitori & Wine Barsamico

Sapporo, and its nightlife district of Susukino is full of bars, clubs and restaurants either on the main road or tucked away down small alleyways or streets. Barsamico is one of these bars that can be found in a small alleyway. It is a very ...
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Honey Hunt

Homey Hunt is along the main street in Susukino (entertainment district) of Sapporo. Honey Hunt is a casual bar that is also serves as a very laid back girls bar. There is table seating plus a counter area. You can order as you go, or ...
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20.1 トゥエンティーポイントワン
This higher end, stylish bar is located downtown in Susukino (the entertainment district) of Sapporo. It is along the main street (eki mae dori) that cuts down through the middle of the nightlife scene. 2o.1 or 'twenty point one'is primarily focused on whiskey ...
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Nuts Cafe

ナッツ カフェ ナイツ
Nuts Cafe is a bar/restaurant that caters for late night dining and drinking. The main location is in Susukino (the night life district of Sapporo), plus there is another Nuts Cafe right by Sapporo station for a quieter style of dining ...
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Jinx Nightclub

ジンクス札幌 すすきの
Jinx is a relatively new club in the heart of Susukino, Sapporo. The club caters for tourists and for a younger crowd. Unlike most other clubs in Sapporo, it is free entry! The age limit to get in is from twenty years old, and there ...
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Kaitakuya Tavern

Kaitakuya Tavern is one of those cool, old school Japanese izakayas that has rustic charm. It is located in the heart of Sapporo with its windows facing the popular Odori Park. It is an easy spot to access, and is a good izakaya to stop ...
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