Kushiro Shitsugen National Park

Opening Hours9:30 - 16:30
NotesNational park, parking available, walking trails, museum
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Getting There
The national park is to the north of Kushiro City. It is about a 25 minute drive north from the centre of the city. To get an observation deck overlooking the marshland, take the JR train to Kushiroshitsugen Station (4 stops from Kushiro station) via the Semmo Line.
2-2101 Hokuto, Kushiro, Kawakami District, Hokkaido 084-0922

The Kushiro Shitsugen National park (better known as the Kushiro Marshland) is a national park, located to the north of Kushiro on the eastern side of Hokkaido. The park is known for its wetlands ecosystems. ‘Shitsugen’ translates to wetlands in English. It was designated as a national park on 31 July 1987. The massive park covers an area of 268.61 square kilometres on the Kushiro plain and is well known for its wildlife and vegetation. The park also contains the largest tracts of reed beds in Japan! The Kushiro river, which originates from Lake Kussharo, winds its way through much of the park and ends in the harbor of Kushiro City.

In 1967, the wetlands were designated as a national natural monument. For this reason, access to the park is limited to keep the preservation of the area. There observation points to view the marshlands. These being the Toro Sarurun Observatory, the Yumegaoka Observatory, the Kushiro Marsh Observatory, and the Tenbo Terrace. From these vantage points you can enjoy the marshlands. There are a couple of small walking trails near these observatories. The vegetation of the park consists reeds, peat moss wetlands, and black alder thickets. The wild species that can be seen here include the red crowned crane, huchen salmon, siberian salamander, and dragonflies. 

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