Ramen Yamaokaya

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Opening HoursDepends on store
NotesRamen store, over 30 different stores in Hokkaido
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Getting There
There is a store in every main city throughout Hokkaido. Check google maps below.

Ramen Yamaokaya is a huge chain of ramen restaurants all throughout Japan. There are hundreds of Yamaokaya restaurants. In Hokkaido there are over thirty that can be found in all the major cities and towns. Since the first opening in 2007, this company has continued to thrive. The restaurants are recognizable by their red facade. The soup at Yamaokaya is made of pork bones and water and is brewed for three days before arriving at the table. The green onions that are used in their bowl of ramen are freshly produced through contract farmers. With the selected noodles and specially marinated pork shoulder, it all combines to make for a nice bowl of ramen.



The cool thing about Yamaokaya is that they bring a special menu every month. These menus are in tandem with the changing of the seasons. At their stores, they also bring out special ramen sauces that can be purchased. They have been doing this ever since they first opened in 2007. The regular menu has 27 different types of ramen to choose from! Their specials on this menu include a premium soy sauce tonkatsu, a premium salt tonkatsu, and for those who like something a bit more fiery, an ultra spicy ramen. All the ramen dishes are relatively cheap and you can get a good feed for under ¥1000.