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hanamaru sushi

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
around ¥2000 (depending on your stomach)
Opening Hours11am - 11pm
NotesLong lines! Up to a 45 minute wait. Better to make a reservation, especially for lunch or dinner.
English menu available
Location6th floor stellar place, above Sapporo station
〒060-0005 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 5 Jonishi, 2 Chome, ステラプレイス Sapporo Stellar Place

hanamaru sushi


Hanamaru sushi is a chain of sushi restaurants that first originated in Nemuro. Nemuro is the most eastern point of Hokkaido and is famous for its rich fishing grounds. Nemuro port is alive with rich harvests of fresh fish all year round. There are 10 sushi stores throughout Hokkaido. There are 7 Kaiten sushi (conveyor belt restaurants), and 3 normal sushi bars. Hokkaido has some of the best sushi in Japan and Hanamaru sushi won’t disappoint! Located conveniently on the 6th floor of Stellar Place shopping center, it’s easy to find.

hanamaru sushi

Private sushi chef

Don’t be surprised to see a dozen odd people waiting on chairs outside. If you haven’t made a booking, then grab a number and wait for it to be called up! Waiting times can vary from 15 to 45 minutes! Once inside simply, take your seat and proceed to choose your sushi as it rolls pass on the conveyor belt! For even fresher sushi, you can call out to one of the 6 sushi chefs standing in the inner circle of the conveyor belt and order what you want. Simply shout out ‘Sumimasen!’ (soo-mee-ma-sen) and then call out the type of sushi that your taste-buds desire.

There are plenty of types of sushi to choose from! The rarer, and better the cut of the fish, the higher the cost. The price system is designated to the color of the plate. Beer, and sake is also on the menu. The plate system is as follows, 2 pieces of sushi per plate:

Blue plate¥140
Yellow plate¥194
Pink plate¥248
Green plate¥291
Red plate¥345
Fireworks plate¥453
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