Sakura Restaurant

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥500 - ¥880
Opening Hours11:00 - 18:00 March to September
11:00 - 17:00 October to February
NotesGallery & restaurant
Arts store
Available for reservations
Parking available
English menu

Location /
Getting There
5 minute drive from Asahiyama zoo
〒078-8205 Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi, Higashiasahikawachō Kuranuma, 31-32

Crafts for sale

The Sakura Restaurant is a pleasant Western & Japanese style restaurant, that also serves as a gallery and an arts & crafts store! It is located just down the hill from Asahiyama Zoo and the perfect spot to grab some lunch or dinner. With plenty of room, customers are free to wander around and look at the restaurants arts & crafts that are on sale. Suitable for couples or large groups (for large groups, reservations are required). Sakura restaurant also has nice views, in any season, overlooking its well manicured gardens.

Surrounding gardens

This restaurant has both western style dishes and Japanese dishes on its very affordable menu! With lunch sets at less than ¥1000 yen, its a delicious bargain. The hamburg set is one of the most popular dishes, which is 100% Japanese beef delivered directly from Okada farm. Other dishes include seafood and chicken curries, Japanese and Western style pizzas, and for dessert, ice-creams and cakes. Japanese dishes have udon noodles in the winter, and somen noodles in the summer. Of course, if you just want to stop in for a nice quiet cup of coffee or tea, then Sakura Restaurant has it as well!