Beef Impact Restaurant

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
1000 - 2000 Yen
Opening Hours11:30 - 22:30
Contact011 211 8554
NotesEnglish menu available
Location4-17-1 Minami 3 jo Nishi. Chuo-ku Tanuki Koji Arcade 4

A succulent lunch

Love meat? For those of you who do, Beef Impact offers a vast array of beef cuts at reasonable prices. Beef Impact is located in the centre of Sapporo and is in the Tanuki Koji arcade so its easy to find! As the name suggests, Beef Impact specializes in one main ingredient, beef, and lots of it! Beef Impact offers 4 kinds of beef. The Australian ‘Beef Impact’ sirloin cuts which range from 250 grams to a whopping 900 grams. There is the American Angus Beef Steak, which is slightly cheaper at 5 yen a gram.


Also on the menu is the thick and juicy Australian fillet steak which will cure any meat cravings. Finally, and if you have the cash, there is the famous Japanese Wagyu steak. The Wagyu beef (Wagyu meaning Japanese beef), is a delicious marbled cut and is a must try for steak lovers. All these cuts range generally from 200 grams to 600 grams, and are priced accordingly, on the type of steak you order. And what better to accompany your meal then a nice bottle of wine. Red or white are both on the menu.

Local red & white wines

Still, if you don’t have a big budget you can still enjoy a thick steak that’s on the lunch menu. For 1,000 yen you can get a pretty delicious thick steak which is not common in Japan. Comes with a serving of corn, onions, rice, and miso soup. Garlic slices on top are optional. Choose your degree of succulence from rare to well done and let the chef seer your cut to perfection. And for only an extra 300 yen, the curry bowl side order is highly recommended, with real steak chunks in a delicious curry sauce over a small rice.

Comes with rice & miso

Curries are also an option with 3 or 4 different selections of beef chunks in a curry sauce. Last, and definitely not least is the special menu of two types of Japanese steaks. The first being the marbled Tokachi Saibi Beef Rib Steak. Tokachi is a province in central Hokkaido and the cattle are raised on high vitamin C enriched feed which makes this a prize steak. And, saving the best till last, there is the Japanese Black Beef Fillet. As the name suggests, this comes from the Black Breed which is found in the region of Kobe. Kobe beef is THE prized beef in Japan and is rarely seen in restaurants in other countries. At 7000 yen for 200 grams this is the ultimate in prime steak fillets.

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