Bar Grab

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥500 - ¥1000
Opening Hours19:00 - 3:00
Contact 011-215-1124
NotesLounge bar
Menu in Japanese only
Sit down charge
Location /
Getting There
Located on route 36. 5 minute walk from Susukino station

Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, South 4, West 2 14-2 Central S4 building 6F

Bar Grab is a nice quiet bar located in Susukino. It is perfect for the start of a night out, or at the end of the evening. It’s numerous couches also make it a good spot for a large group of friends. Along with couches there is a center bar area that has seating for 8 people. This bar is located up on the 6th floor and has some nice views of Susukino as it overlooks Route 36 (one of the main streets through Sapporo).

The bar with its floor to ceiling windows gives this bar a nice ambiance in which to sit and have a drink. This bar has the usual alcohol on the menu, with beer on tap and a wide variety of spirits to choose from. The menu is only in Japanese, though you will find most drinks have the same names in English as they do in Japanese.There are also snacks and some small dishes to choose from as well. Located very close to many of the central hotels, this is not a bad place to grab a drink.