Toya Marine Boat Rental

Toya Marine Boat Rental lake toya

Pricing Guide
Swan boat with engine
¥2500 - 20 minutes
¥3000 - 30 minutes
Swan boat
¥1500 - 30 minutes
Pedal boat
¥1200 - 20 minutes
¥1000 - 60 minutes
Speedboat lake tour
¥1800 per adult
¥600 per child (ages 6 to 12)
Opening Hours8:00 - 17:00
NotesFishing boats available to rent
Boat tours available
Location /
Getting There
Southern coast of Lake Toya
〒 052-0103 Hokkaidō, Usu-gun, Sōbetsu-chō, Sōbetsuonsen, 62 Sonmyo Onsen 62

Swan paddle boats

Located on the southern shores of Lake Toya, there are a couple of places to rent some boats so you can not only enjoy the views from the shore, but from on the lake itself. There are a few options on which watercraft to get. Starting with the cheapest, there is the rowboat which is for two people, where you can take it easy at a slow place. Next is an old style pedal boat (if you don’t feel like rowing), which has a capacity of two people. For groups of four, there is the swan paddle boat, which is fun for the whole family! Lastly, if you feel like taking it easy, there is a motor powered swan boat. The engine is only two horsepower, so no license is necessary.

Rental booth

Of course, if you want to see more of the lake, then there are speedboats that are available to take a tour with from April to November. There are seats for nine or twelve people, and the tour will take you around Nakajima island in the middle offering some great lake views. There are a couple of different courses that are available. Jet skis are also available for hire though a license is needed. If you are interested in fishing, there are also fishing boats that can be rented for the day.

If you want a nice relaxing day and want to go fishing, then there are plenty of fish in the lake. Lake Toya has brown trout, rainbow trout, carp, to name a few. These fish can also be found in the adjoining rivers. What better way then to spend the day on the lake, taking in the scenery and enjoying the clear waters. For boats with engines, a boat license is needed. Reservations are required.

Pricing Guide
Yamaha 14ft
¥9,500 - full day
¥5,500 - half day
Yamaha 16ft
¥10,500 - full day
¥6,500 - half day
Rental Hours4:00 - 19:00
ClosedWinter (December to March)