Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera

For all your electronic needs

Opening Hours9:30 – 22:00
NotesForeign Language Ability:
English ability from some staff.
Thai, Chinese, English, & Russian announcements.
Location /
Getting There
5-1-22, North 6 jyo nishi, North Ward.
(Next to Sapporo station)

Founded in 1960 Yodobashi Camera is an electronics chain that has 21 stores across Japan. Yodobashi camera is one of the two main electronics stores in Sapporo. The store is made up of 3 floors. Yodobashi Camera covers all household appliances, smart phones, computers, travel, entertainment, and much more. You can not only find the latest Japanese products, but also products including figurines, digital single lens reflex cameras, cosmetics, watches made in Japan, and designer bags. They also have a Tax-Free service. English-speaking staff are available to help you enjoy your shopping experience.

1st floor Smart phones, SIM cards, MAC & WINDOWS computers,  monitors, hard drives, memory cards, routers, printers, printing ink, printing paper, laminators, keyboards, computer bags, cables.
2nd floor TVs, cameras, tripods, SD cards, photography equipment, watches, power plugs, transformers, overseas adaptors, sound equipment, earphones, IPODS, suitcases, travel goods.
3rd floor Refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, bathroom appliances, video games, DVD's, playstations, lights, kitchen appliances, microwaves, rice cookers.

Points of interest.
On the 1st floor, on the left of the entrance, is the mobile phone section. Here you will be able to buy a smart phone with any of the 3 major phone companies, which are AU, DOCOMO, or SOFTBANK. You will need your passport, and other forms of ID. For the traveller, SIM CARDS are available, ranging from a week to a month. The cost will set you back anywhere from 3000 to 5000 yen. At the back section they have hard drives, memory sticks and anything you need for your PC.
Points of interest.
On the 2nd floor, if you are looking for power converters and socket converters for your overseas appliances this is where you will find them. You will also be able to buy converters for your Japanese electronic goods for any region in the world. In the camera section you can find SD cards, so you can keep on clicking away as you travel around Hokkaido.
Points of interest.
On the 3rd floor. This is the area where you can fix any broken items. They also have the tax free counter in this area. Be sure to bring your passport.