Kutchan Catholic Church

Opening HoursTimes vary
NotesCatholic church, parking available
Location /
Getting There
The church is located in central Kutchan. It is a 13 minute walk from Kutchan station. Can be accessed from route 276 which runs through the center of town.
1 Chome Kita 5 Jonishi, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0055

Not only can you find Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples throughout the cities and towns of Hokkaido, but there are also churches where people can practice their faith. Many smaller towns don’t have churches but Kutchan is a larger town and the Kutchan Catholic Church is the main church here. The church is on a large plot of land and is made up of a few buildings, one which also serves as a kindergarten. The church opening times in Sunday say from 9:00 in summer and 10:00 in winter, but it is best to call beforehand as the times may vary. 


The church has a small parking area for those driving in. During the warm spring months, there are a couple of cherry blossom trees on the premises. The church has a nice view of Mt. Yotei. Also on the church grounds, you can find a nice statue of the Virgin Mary. The statue has been placed in a small hillock and is surrounded by vines which flower during the summer. The spot makes for a good photo. For those driving, the church is easily accessed from the main road that runs through the town of Kutchan. If you are taking public transport, it is not a far walk from the train station. Alternatively, you can take a taxi during the winter. 

Sapporo Immigration Bureau

Opening Hours9:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 16:00
ClosedWeekends and public holidays
NotesFree parking
Location /
Getting There
Located in central Sapporo by Odori Park on west 11. It is an easy walk from Nishi juitchome Station subway station (Tozai Line). Take exit 1 and walk diagonally across the park, past the fountain. The immigration bureau is on the 7th floor.
12 Chome Odorinishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0042

For all foreigners living in Japan, you will inevitably come to the immigration bureau at some point. The main immigration bureau is in Sapporo but there are also immigration offices in Asahikawa, the New Chitose Airport, Tomakomai, and Kushiro. For visas it is juts a matter of checking off what’s needed and can take a few trips back and forth. It can either be an easy or difficult experience. In Sapporo, upon entering the building, you will need to sign in, get a badge and go through the security gate. Immigration is on the 7th floor. The staff here generally speak little English which can make things a little more difficult. There is a small help desk on the left hand side of the door and is manned by two old Japanese guys. They too, speak very little English but will help you with forms. All the visa forms here are here; student, work, spousal, permanent residence, and specialist visas.

The immigration bureau can get busy so be prepared to wait. They do close for lunch as well so early mornings are usually best to get there. Once you have all your forms ready take a ticket and wait (don’t forget to bring your passport and alien registration card). One convenient thing about the immigration building is that it is a short walk from the central city hall (if you live in the area) so any extra forms you may need, are a quick walk away. When picking up a new visa you need to pay for it. There is a convenience store on the B1 basement floor and it is here you will buy a stamp equivalent to your visa cost (usually from ¥3000 to ¥6000). Take the stamp back to the 7th floor and you are done. For more information on types of visas, click here.  

Hokkaido-Sapporo Tourist Information Center

Opening Hours8:30 - 20:00
NotesTourist information centre, English speaking staff, ATM, money exchange, coffee shop, wheelchair access
Location /
Getting There
Located at Sapporo station, across from the east exit. It is next to the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza.
〒060-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita Ward, Kita 6 Jonishi, 4 Chome, JR Sapporo Station West Concourse

For those newly arrived in Sapporo, or Hokkaido for that matter, this centre is an extremely useful resource to have access to. The information centre is convenient to find and easily accessible. The centre is located across from the east exit at Sapporo Station and is part of the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza. The large counter here is attended by helpful employees who can speak English. They are happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have whether it be for the JR train to bookings and hotels.. There are plenty of brochures with information not only of Sapporo, but of all the main sightseeing cities in Hokkaido. 

The Sapporo Information Centre also has a money exchange machine which is very handy. This machine has ten different languages to choose from making it easy to use and about a dozen different currencies to exchange. For other quick money, there is an ATM on the premises. There are prepaid sim cards to use for your phone which are available here. Also for electrical appliances there are charging stations. So, for those just arriving and need some extra info, the Hokkaido Sapporo Information Centre is the perfect spot. 

New Chitose Airport

Opening Hours5:00 - 23:00
NotesInternational and domestic terminals, restaurants, 2 hotel, play area, museum, and souvenir stores, wheelchair access
Location /
Getting There
New Chitose Airport is in the south west of Hokkaido. It is about a 45 minute train ride from Sapporo city. The cost is ¥1150 per person
Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0012

新千歳空港The New Chitose Airport opened in 1988 to replace the old airport. Since then the airport has been upgraded and has expanded its international terminal as well as its domestic terminal. The airport is the gateway to Hokkaido and sees over twenty million visitors each year pass through its gates. From the airport to the major city of Sapporo, it is a 45 minute train ride or an hour bus ride. The three story complex has an array of souvenir stores, restaurants, relaxation facilities, and entertainment facilities. 

Points of interest at the New Chitose Airport include the Hokkaido Ramen Dojo. You can enjoy one more ramen bowl before heading home. There are ten famous Hokkaido ramen stores to choose from. At the airport you can also check out Roycs Chocolate World. They have a small factory to watch, a chocolate museum, and of course, a chocolate shop. There is also a small Doraemon Sky park for the kids. For those needing to relax there is the New Chitose Airport Onsen. Here they have reclining chairs to relax and wait for your flight. This airport closes at 11:00pm so there is nowhere to stay overnight. This onsen is available to stay at however! 

The trains that run from New Chitose Airport leave around every fifteen minutes. The trains run from the basement floor. For buses see below. 

Sapporo (via Fukuzumi station)
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
Bus stop 14, 22
Kita 24 (via Asabu)
Sapporo Beer Garden (via kanjo dori east)
Bus stop 13, 20
Maruyama Bus Terminal
Soen,Nishi 14-chome
Kita 9-jo
Bus stop 12, 21
Jozankei Onsen
Tokachigawa Onsen
Asahikawa 21
Bus stop 21
Downtown Chitose
Lake Shikotsu
Bus stop 1, 28
Noboribetsu Onsen
Bus stop 2, 29
Ski bus Niseko
Bus stop 12

Sapporo Station

Opening HoursJR call center 6:30 - 22:00
NotesTicket counters, restaurants, tourist information center, lockers, wheelchair access, souvenir stores.
JR Hakodate main line for Otaru, Niseko, Hakodate, and Asahikawa.
Access to the subway Namboku, and Toho lines,
Transport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport,
Limited Express Lilac and Kamui for Sapporo & Asahikawa
Limited Express Okhotsk for Sapporo, Asahikawa & Abashiri
Limited Express Suzuran for Sapporo, Chitose, Noboribetsu, & Muroran.
011-222-7111 JR call center
Getting ThereLocated in the central Sapporo. A 40 minute express train ride from the New Chitose Airport. Or a 55 minute bus ride from New Chitose Airport
4 Chome Kita 6 Jonishi, Kita Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0806

Sapporo Station is the hub of the city of Sapporo. All travelers will pass through its gates before branching out to different parts of the city, or for most, different cities in Hokkaido. It originally opened in 1880 and was revamped in 2003. With its ten platforms, it is an easy station to use! From New Chitose Airport, it is a 40 minute express train ride or 55 minute bus ride. The JR train arrives on the elevated platform giving views over the south of Sapporo (which includes Odori park, and Susukino). Once arriving simply follow everyone down the stairs or escalators to the ground floor. From here, you can either head to the western exit or eastern ticket exit.

The east exit leads to JR tower (the highest building in Sapporo), plus the Esta building and Bic Camera (a popular tourist spot for shopping) which is on the south east side of Sapporo station. On the west side of Sapporo station, the west exit leads to the Sapporo subway station. You can also find the Daimaru department store, plus the tourist information site, souvenir store, and JR ticket counter for Hokkaido travel, and Paseo West which has about twenty different restaurants! Also above the station there is the department store, Stellar Place. The west exit out of the gates is the main exit if you need to head into the heart of Sapporo. It is at Sapporo station, you can find JR Hakodate main line for Otaru, Niseko, Hakodate, and Asahikawa. There is access to the subway Namboku, and Toho lines, transport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport. 


Chikaho Tunnel Walkway

Opening Hours5:45 - 12:20
NotesShops, restaurants, and events are along this walkway, convenient especially during the winter, no parking
Location /
Getting There
The large underground walkway runs from Sapporo subway station through to Odori subway station which links to Pole Town underground walkway
〒060-0003 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 1jo

札幌駅前通地下歩行空間The Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Pedestrian Space also known as Chikaho, opened on March 12, 2011. The underground walkway runs for 520 meters and is a huge space.  This walkway has a few restaurants along its path, a couple of coffee shops, art & event spaces. There are two toilet facilities and numerous rest stops and places to sit down. The underground walkway is particularly useful and popular during the cold winter months. This in turn connects with other underground shopping areas, so you can easily access most of downtown Sapporo without walking through the winter snow and cold. 

札幌駅前通地下歩行空間The walkway has many spaces that can be rented out for use, so throughout the year there is always something going on in the tunnel. To rent out a space, then you can contact them directly via their website. There are four spaces that are available to rent. The cheapest which is 24 square meters costs ¥7200 per weekday and ¥20,000 per weekend. The largest space is 300 square meters and that costs ¥150,000 per weekday, and ¥360,000 for the weekend. With the amount of people walking by, its a great way to exhibit or promote an event! The walkway connect to Pole Town which continues all the way Susukino subway station. The other walk way, called Aurora Town, branches off to the east leads to the TV Tower and clock tower


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