Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade

Festivals & EventsJanuary 2 - Hatsutanukisai hot sake served (all blocks)
First Saturday of August - Tanukihachi Toku Festival (block 5)
Last Saturday of July - Night bargain (all blocks)
Opening Hours
Open 24 hours
Shop opening times vary depending on individual business
ContactPh: 011-241-5125
Getting ThereLocated between Odori subway station & Susukino subway station. 5 minute walk from both.
Japan, 〒060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, South 2, West 1 - West 7 Chome


Opened in 1873, the Tanuki Koji shopping arcade is one of the oldest shopping streets in Hokkaido. The covered arcade extends for 200 metres and is broken up into seven blocks. It runs directly between Odori and Susukino subway. With around 200 stores including restaurants, bars and hotels, it is one of the most popular shopping areas for tourists. The ‘Tanuki’ or ‘Raccoon Dog’ has long been steeped in Japanese folklore and is the symbol of the shopping arcade. There are also a couple of festivals that are held here during the year.

Tanuki 1

Tanuki Koji 1

Entrance onto Soseikawa Park
Curry Restaurant
‘Log Kit’ hamburger restaurant
Mens clothing store ‘The Man’
Coffee shop & second hand stores
‘Lock Stock’ designer fashion store
Souvenir goods (with Hokkaido bears out front for photos)
Ramen restaurant, curry store
Tax free drug store, Music store (selling instruments, amps & speakers)




Tanuki 2

Tanuki Koji 2

Ramen restaurants
‘Geo’ movie rental store, shoe stores ‘Billy’
Ginza Lion Restaurant
Sound Lab Mole
Japanese knife store
Mini supermarket (for cheap & popular Asian foods)
Meer Lounge Restaurant
‘Honoka’ massage, ‘Taito’ game centre
Leather goods (tax free),’Real Monkey’ clothing store



Tanuki 3

Tanuki Koji 3

7-11 (with ATM for local and overseas cards)
‘Malaika’ new age store
Pet store selling kittens & puppies
2nd hand store ‘2nd Street’
A couple of tax free drug stores
‘Aoyama’ suit store
‘Joy Land’ game centre
‘Doutour’ coffee shop
‘ABC Mart’ shoe store
Entrance to Pole Town



Tanuki 4

Tanuki Koji 4

Octopus & whiskey restaurant
‘Don Quijote’ shopping & ‘Mega Don Quijote’
‘Jyoti’ Indian dining
Richmond Hotel & Modish Cafe
‘Vegagio’ game centre, glasses store
Japanese goods store
Tax free drug stores
Japanese restaurants, Karaoke
ATM for local and overseas cards
Beef Impact Restaurant
7-11 with ATM



Tanuki 5

Tanuki Koji 5

Horse racing gambling
Donabe Hamburg Restaurant
Tanuki Shrine
Money exchange, movie theatre
‘Hug’ natural market & restaurants
Teppen yaki restaurant
Souvenir shops, drug stores
Sapporo Bone Restaurant
Hokkaido tourist information centre
Hostels & hotels, ‘Karaksa Hotel’



Tanuki 6

Tanuki Koji 6

Bear Foot Bar
Family Mart convenience store (ATM)
Hotel Sunroute, Hotel Dormy Inn
‘Bar España Carne’ dining
Duty free shops
Kimono Store
Japanese restaurants
Liquor store
Drug store & tax free souvenir stores
‘Manda’ dining
Sapporo beer dining



Tanuki 7

Tanuki Koji 7

Used records store
‘Yah Man’ bar, ‘Suezou Aba Aba’ bar and dining
Kalahana Beer Bar
‘Lohas’ restaurant
Half a dozen small bars & restaurants
Kopi Tiam Singaporean restaurant
Used guitars store
‘Suntory Jigger Bar’
‘Shiyamachi’ bar & food